- The italian epic -
Charles VIII

Italy's first conqueror

Louis XII

He was almost an emperor

Anne de Bretagne

The only woman to be married to two Kings of France

François 1er

He used his palazzotto as a base for hunting trips in Amboise Forest.

Anne de Pascaris

A Maid of Honour and wife of René of Savoy

The Cardinal de Guise

With Catherine de' Medici, he organised secret meetings aimed at undoing the Amboise Conspiracy in 1560, the "first Saint Barthèlemy".

Catherine de Medicis

She greatly loved Château Gaillard

François II

He spent his honeymoon with Mary Stuart.

René of Savoy

Uncle of François I and victor at the Battle of Marignano

Leonardo da Vinci

He loved to walk along this dale that adjoins Le Clos Lucé

Diane de Poitiers

Favourite of Henri II and owner of land at Château Gaillard

Claude de France

Wife of François I. Pacello grew the "Reine Claude" plum in her honour